Cross Laminated Timber

The Sustainable Low-Carbon Solution

A lower carbon LGSF structural frame solution that incorporates CLT slab flooring as an alternative to concrete metal deck flooring.

Cross laminated timber solution integrated with the Sigmat LGSF frame for the most environmentally friendly offsite construction solution. 

As part of our commitment to create a net zero carbon construction industry, we are developing a light gauge steel (load bearing wall) combined with an engineered timber floor solution (cross laminated timber) to provide a low carbon build system as an alternative to traditional metal deck and concrete for the short span accommodation / residential sector.

The use of cross laminated timber (CLT) will not only provide a reduced carbon solution, it will reduce our construction installation schedule with having a dry  structural floor deck. Other benefits include a significant reduction on the foundation loads by reducing the overall dead weight of the structure.

All timber materials sourced will have a legal chain of custody, PEFC as a minimum and can be re-used as we work toward achieving a low carbon circular economy that brings both health and wellness values to our customers who are committed to climate change. 

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